Salty Air

Oh, how I love the beach! The salty air, sand on my feet, the roar of the ocean, and singing of the sea gulls, and the lack of a schedule makes for my perfect vacation. Granted, a beach vacation for me now isn’t as relaxing as it used to be. Four years ago I would set up camp for the day with a good book or two, magazines, and a cooler so that I wouldn’t have to get up until the sun set. I would read multiple books in a week and take naps every day.

This week has not been like that. I have almost finished one magazine. I have probably only read about thirty pages of my novel. I have only napped in my beach chair for about fifteen minutes total. I have, however, played in the surf with my two amazing children. Both boys, who are under the age of three, have boundless amounts of energy.  I have been inspired by my siblings and their athletic abilities (of which I have none) and tried paddle boarding for the first time. I have built sand castles with my boys and had good conversation with my family. Thanks to my kind husband, I had an afternoon to myself to read another magazine and take a much needed walk (4 wonderful miles of solitude!) on the shoreline.

As my beach trip comes to an end, I am at the halfway mark of my summer vacation. It is with sadness that I acknowledge this fact as I am loving my time at home with my boys. But another part of me is a little excited for the new school year. It has already gotten off to a great start with one of my students being accepted in to the NAfME’s All National Honor Choir this summer. I’m so proud of this young gentleman and am so excited to see him take on this opportunity. I’m also pinning away on my Pinterest board and making lists of new plans for my classroom, and I’m ready to try them out and share the most successful ideas here.

For now, I think I will go and find a few more seashells for my collection. 



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