A Sigh of Relief

Another Fall Concert is in the books, and what a relief it is to have it behind me.  It went better than I had hoped.  My students made me incredibly proud with their hard work, focus, and professionalism.  I’m actually a little sad to have to move on to new music.  The music we had been working on was so much fun, but also rich in educational content and musicality.  Our concert theme was “Celebrating Today’s Composers”.  All of our music was written by living composers who are still actively composing.  It is amazing to me that so much incredible music is still being written today, music that I believe will continue to be performed by choirs for generations to come.

We had a larger audience than normal, which is fantastic.  I am so glad to see our program drawing in new people and greater support.  There were a great number of people there who do not typically attend the choral concerts–some of them were probably seeing their first Chorus concert.  After the concert, I overheard a few of those audience members talking about their favorite pieces and even downloading one of them to their phones.  I just smiled to myself as I walked past them, thrilled that our concert had introduced them to new music.  Isn’t that part of our goal?  Our purpose?  Not just to reach our own students with new music and performance techniques, but to have them go out and share what is learned in the classroom with others?  A love of music can be infectious.  May it always be so!

I have been walking around with such a sense of contentment after having a successful concert.  Now it’s a new week, and as always, I’m looking around my home and office realizing how many chores I had neglected to spend more time preparing for the concert.  Time to play catch-up and get back on track.  Winter performances will be here in the blink of an eye…