Candid over Coffee ~ 1.13.17

I’ve missed my Friday updates these last couple of weeks — oops! I was sick over the last few days of 2016 (food poisoning–lovely). Then on January 4th, I went back to work.

So let’s catch up, shall we?

I went back to work. On January 4th. Yes, that is the big thing in my life right now. I’m adjusting to being back on a busy schedule. It’s still not going to be our “normal” yet. My husband was laid off from his job a few months ago, and so he is still at home right now. That means my littlest guy does not have to go to daycare yet, which makes this mommy happy. Still, I am away from him and missing him like crazy. He IS pretty wonderful.

On the flip side, it is really good to be back in the classroom. Going back to the early mornings has been brutal, but my students have welcomed me back enthusiastically and are excited to be singing with me again. That has made it much easier to come back. It feels good to be at the piano again and teaching new music. I’ve tried out some new lesson plans that have been really successful, and my fellow teachers know what a great feeling that is. I can’t say enough about what fabulous kids I have in my program this semester, and so they keep me smiling and they keep me motivated. I’m counting on a great spring semester.

My coffee habit has served me well since going back to work. My coffee maker is prepped the night before and starts running at 4:40AM. It’s a good thing I am the only one up at that time because no one in my house would like me very much. After that first cup of coffee, I begin to feel like I can leave the house after all. Then I continue to drink coffee until about 10:30, at which point I switch to water. Or sometimes sweet tea. I prefer the sweet tea, if we’re being honest.

Regardless of how grumpy I feel upon waking up after a night of too little sleep (because EVERY night is like that these days), I am aware of how richly God has blessed me and how He has given me a purpose in my family and in my classroom. I’m ready to see what He has in store for me in this new year. So ready.



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