Candid over Coffee ~ 1.20.2017

Today’s coffee conversation is actually happening over sweet tea. Chik-fil-A sweet tea, to be precise. I ran out of coffee last night — oh, the horror — so I couldn’t prep any coffee for this morning. I probably wouldn’t have felt like putting it together last night anyway as I got home late after judging All-State Chorus auditions all evening. When my alarm went off this morning, I remembered that there was no coffee waiting for me downstairs, so I hit my snooze button several times. Several times. After seeing how bare my pantry was, I decided chicken biscuits were the way to go, and I just can’t go to Chik-fil-A without getting a large sweet tea. I am a Georgia girl, after all.

I’m ready for the weekend. It has been a great week at work, but I’m tired and ready to be at home with my boys. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, so I’m planning on bumming it in my favorite sweats and slippers while watching movies and playing Legos and Lincoln Logs with the kiddos. I am also anxious to catch up on some reading. I’m in the middle of a book called The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck. I’ve never heard of this author before, but I came across this book on a table at Barnes & Noble. Let me just stop first and say how much I relish an afternoon of wandering around Barnes & Noble. I could spend hours in there. So on an afternoon of perusing the best sellers last summer, I found this non-fiction book and was intrigued. It’s all about two brothers who travel across the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon. They follow old maps and current stone markers to travel in the still visible wagon wheel ruts of the pioneers. Except they are doing it all in our modern day world.

My husband thought it completely random that I bought this book. Since when did I have an interest in such a topic? I do like history, but I’ve never given much thought to the settlers in the West. And yet, this idea was so crazy and interesting to me. A few weeks ago I finally was able to start reading it, and I’m fascinated! I’ve learned so much and have found it so interesting. Rinker Buck is a talented writer who really did his research and has some incredible life experiences to share.

Can you imagine going on such an adventure? Every time I put the book down, I’m left wanting to jump in the car and put hundreds of miles on the odometer. There are too many states in our own country that I haven’t seen, and I am getting anxious to see new sights and meet new people. I’ve been blessed to travel out of the country just a handful of times, but it’s not enough. I want to see more of this great big world.

While I’m not really in a position to pack my bags for a road trip right now (3 young children and that whole job thing) I am realizing that it’s something I want to make happen when possible. I’m thankful for books like this one that can allow me to share in wild adventures that others have had while planning my own. I would love to know — what are you reading right now? What crazy desires has your book planted in your head?