He’s here!


At long last, our sweet baby #3 is here! We are now officially a family of five. Sweet Ethan was born on October 8. I was absolutely convinced he would come early; after all, he was my third pregnancy in less than five years’ time, and I was working and still directing performances less than two weeks before my due date. However, as much as I hoped for him to come on, he didn’t, and for a number of reasons the doctors encouraged me to induce labor the day after my due date. I am incredibly thankful for those wonderful doctors and the awesome nurses that I had. Labor and delivery went really smoothly. We started the pitocin at about 8AM and Ethan arrived at 4:03 PM. He weighed 8 lbs, 12 oz. His daddy and I are absolutely in love with him.

Ethan’s big brothers got to meet him in our quiet hospital room just a few hours after he was born, and they were immediately smitten. One of them kept wanting to “pet him”, so needless to say we are having to say the word “gentle” many times a day. They both took turns holding him over and over again. Two weeks later and the novelty has not worn off.

Our time at home has been great so far. We have been blessed with visits and meals from friends and family, and I have been able to get some much needed rest thanks to Josh being at home. He has had two weeks off of work instead of the usual one week that he had with our first two children, and it has been awesome. Having him here with me for an extra week made a huge difference for us all. He has been busy changing diapers, keeping the “bigs” entertained and happy when they wake up before the sun, driving the oldest back and forth to school, cleaning house, and plenty more. In the evenings, we have crashed on the couch after putting the boys to bed so that we could have movie nights and hang out together. Just like with my first two boys, I have fallen in love all over again with my husband through this incredible season of our lives. We have faced some tough trials this past year, but God has made our marriage stronger and has taught us so much. The biggest lesson we have taken away? His plans – and the timing of those plans – are perfect.



Any Day Now

“Any day now.” That’s what I keep hearing from the doctors, anyway. My third pregnancy is coming to a close, but not fast enough. I am miserable in every sense of the word, and I ask for your prayers for my family and sweet co-workers as I have no doubt that I am dreadful to be around these days. They are putting up with me, though, which I greatly appreciate!

My students have been nothing but wonderful. I have started the year with the largest number of students I’ve ever had in the program, which is a great feeling. The kids are enthusiastic, kind, and wonderful to be around. Last week we performed our fall concert. It was incredibly stressful trying to prepare for our first concert in the first eight weeks of school, but we pulled it off. Uniforms arrived in the nick of time, music was learned and memorized, and everything went smoothly. I was so impressed with the work put forth by the kids everyday in class. We have been honored to be invited to sing at two different events in which the Governor was speaking, which was really exciting for us. So in just two months we have had two performances off campus, a formal concert on campus involving all three ensembles, a major fundraiser, and weeks of productive rehearsal time. As anxious as I am to have this baby, I’m also sad to leave such a great group of kids just as we are building up so much momentum across the program!


A small group of students and I after our first performance of the year in which we sang the National Anthem at an Educational Leadership Conference.


Once the work day is over, I’m completely wiped out from rehearsals and preparing for maternity leave. When I get home, I’ve been crashing on the couch for as long as my two crazy kiddos will let me. I did ask my oldest one afternoon if we could rest, “because Mommy is really tired.” His response? “Well, I don’t have a baby in my tummy. I’m not tired.” Both boys are so excited to meet their new little brother. I am definitely ready. I’m still waiting on that burst of energy to arrive, though. Wasn’t it supposed to appear sometime in the second trimester? As for nesting, it’s not happening. If I have a free moment, all I want to do is sleep! I’ve lost interest in a lot of my favorite things just because I’m too tired to stay focused on any one task longer than five minutes. This too shall pass, though, right? One day at a time.



Hello, Third Trimester

Today’s post, I’m sorry to say, may be one of those annoying “mommy” posts.

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and am completely exhausted. That burst of energy that is supposed to show up in the second trimester? It must have passed me by. The third trimester isn’t looking any more promising. At least back in June, I was able to get going in the mornings and take my boys out for fun outings. I was so proud of myself as I took them downtown to the zoo all on my own with a bag carefully packed with all of our snacks and necessities and plenty of patience to keep us all happy. I enjoyed our library and park visits, and I even managed to teach for a week at Vacation Bible School. I even provided them with some craft projects straight out of the best Pinterest pages.

Just a mere six weeks later, our summer is looking much different. My children are binge watching “Octonauts” on Netflix so that I can close my eyes for just a few minutes on the couch. The heat outside is unbearable, so much so that the boys don’t even ask to go outside. I’m waking up each night with pregnancy aches and pains, and in the mornings the boys have gone from being content to play quietly in their rooms to now calling for me to come right away to let them go downstairs and start the day. Most days we just stay in our pajamas, which at least lessens the issue of laundry. Thank goodness, because I don’t have it in me to worry about another household chore.

We are in survival mode.

How will this work when we return to school in a week? For the sake of my unborn child, there is only so much coffee I can consume. And my department chair frowns upon my taking naps in my office in the middle of the day. Truthfully, even though our outings have become much more scarce, my boys aren’t really complaining. So while I feel guilty about how our days look right now, I don’t really have the enthusiasm or motivation to make many changes. I’ll do my best next week to muster up some energy to take on those last items on my summer bucket list, but I hope I won’t beat myself up over it if they don’t all get crossed off. After all, I’m getting bigger and the weather is getting hotter. Perhaps I should choose to put my feet up while I can, because in about 11 weeks this house is going to reach a whole new level of crazy.